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Website Translation - All you need to know about translating your website

Nowadays, Globalization is everything! Internet enables us to operate in a “Global Village” in which businesses are so close to each other, despite the physical distance between them.

Internet has no doubt introduced a new level to competition and any advantage could be the difference between a successful website and one with just a handful of visitors. Website translation is among the services that make the difference between a professional and standard website.

Companies striving to operate on a global level must translate their website.

Website translation relates directly to online marketing and impacts website optimization, as it renders the site accessible to a broader scope of users and ensures an advantage over other websites in the same field.

Don’t get me wrong… There’s no alternative to a good SEO campaign and excellent content, but everyone knows that by targeting a broader audience and providing richer and yet more specific content, you are headed in the right direction.

Many consider website translation an expensive endeavor as they assume that they will have to translate their entire website into one other language (or more). This is not actually true and, in most cases, all you have to do is translate a few pages (maybe just one or two) into English and perhaps one other popular language.

Aiming to overcome the language barrier, we will translate the website into the language used by your target audience, aiming to generate extensive business activities.

Companies seeking global exposure tend to translate their website into several languages. This offers several advantages:

1. Representativeness – Demonstrating that the company works with audiences from various countries.

2. Marketing – The ability to convey a global business image.

3. Professionalism – Demonstrating that the company works with various cultures and is able to adapt to global markets and segments.

In today’s marketplace, website translation is essential for reaching new clients around the world, striving toward international operations and developing the business to additional fields.


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