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Financial Translations - Are you thinking of penetrating new markets abroad?

You’ll probably need to translate a few important documents

Financial translations cover a wide range of areas, requiring the translator to demonstrate knowledge, proficiency and experience in the field, which is divided into two main areas: accounting and economics.

Accounting translations include:

- Financial reports

- Income statements

- Balance sheets

- Salary stubs and more.

Financial translations include:

- Company annual reports

- Prospectuses

- Contracts involving financial issues (i.e. mergers and acquisitions)

- Bank statements

- Business plans, and more.

General Background

This field of translation is especially common at certain times of the year:

Accounting – Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports. The translation company must meet a high standard of execution and prepare a true translation while maintaining accuracy when dealing with figures.

Financials – The main emphasis is on the translator’s experience and knowledge. This field requires extensive knowledge of professional terminology related to the customer and terms used in the relevant country.

As in every other field, the company is committed to discretion and to preventing information from leaking. As such, all company translators and employees are subject to strict NDA’s to ensure our customers’ confidentiality.

Financial translations often require further authentication. In such case we provide assistance with obtaining notarial approval from a competent lawyer.


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