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Helena Translations Ltd.

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Financial Translations

Are you thinking of penetrating new markets abroad? You’ll probably need to translate a few important documents.

Financial translations cover a wide range of areas, requiring the translator to demonstrate knowledge, proficiency and experience in the field, which is divided into two main areas: accounting and economics.

Legal Translation

The legal arena is among the fields in which translations are most prevalent, where an emphasis is placed on the document accuracy and reliability.  Our translations are performed by professional translators specializing in legal translations and able to apply the correct terms for conveying the matter properly.

Website Translation

Nowadays, Globalization is everything! Internet enables us to operate in a “Global Village” in which businesses are so close to each other, despite the physical distance between them.

Internet has no doubt introduced a new level to competition and any advantage could be the difference between a successful website and one with just a handful of visitors. 


Years of Experience


Language Combinations







Helena Translations is a well known Israeli company with multiple joint ventures with companies around the world, offering translation services for over two decades.  We are dedicated to our clients, ready to meet their demands and timetables.

  • Offering over 50 different languages, using a regular cadre of translators and the ability to translate any language combination thanks to exceptional joint ventures with companies around the world.

  • Our extensive experience in the field enables us to identify practical technologies for improving translation efficiency.

  • Evaluating clients according to their professional needs and providing a variety of different services, including: Legal translations, medical translations, marketing translations, website translations, technical translations, transcription services, interpretation and simultaneous translation services and more.

Israeli company offering translation services from English to Hebrew


I needed my CV translated and had to submit it the next morning - Helena Translations sent it back to me that same day, within just 3 hours.


-- Revital Yakin Krakowski

Owner RYK Strategic Influence

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